Dwarskersbos | West Coast

A peaceful sleepy seaside fishing village with a character all of its own and popular with holidaymakers. Stroll on the long beaches dotted with fishing boats and experience spectacular African sunsets setting over the Atlantic Ocean – they’re a sight to behold! Dwarskersbos is renowned for whale watching and one of the few places where the rare Heaviside’s dolphin can be spotted.

Fishers are seen here all year round hoping for that “Big One”. The farm ‘Dwarskersbos’ belonged to the Smit family and derived its name from the many Euclea polyandra and ‘kersbos’ (candle bush) in the area. The farm established a residential area on it which later became the town of ‘Dwarskersbos’.
The Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama first set foot on South African soil in November 1497 when he explored the present St. Helena Bay.

Dwarskersbos is a quiet place with a sandy beach stretching 10km south to where the Bergrivier flows into the ocean and 40km north to Baboon Point at Elandsbaai, a Provincial Heritage site. dk villas is perfect for anyone wanting to experience the tranquillity of the Cape West Coast or “Weskus” as the locals call it.

Here you can walk on the beach, go jogging or cycling at low tide, bask in the sun (with seals from time to time), swim in the Atlantic ocean, read a book, daydream, kayak, body board, fish and enjoy the sunsets, a photographer's dream. Here you will slow down, relax and recharge – a place where your soul unwinds.

A 2min walk via a boardwalk gives access to the wide stretch of sandy beach near the coast. In spring the wild flowers paint the surrounding areas in the most beautiful colors and just 10km to the north at the Rocherpan Nature Reserve, different bird species and large numbers of water birds can be observed. It can also be reached via a walking trail from Dwarskersbos.