Blooming wonderful! A guide to the wildflower season in the Western Cape

“With freedom, flowers, books, and the moon, who could not be perfectly happy?”
- Oscar Wilde

Flower season is one of our favorite times of year in the Western Cape. Following the chilly winter months, the West Coast bursts into bloom with the promise of spring and warm summer days!

Flower Season

Between August and September, landscapes come alive in splashes of colour. Untamed wildflowers carpet nature reserves along the West Coast and these aren’t just your regular bunches of blossoms. The wildflowers are something different; expect fields of colourful, dainty blooms in picturesque locations. As many people will know, Cape Town and its surroundings offer almost too many wonderful events, seasons and activities to enjoy! With so much available, we can confirm that travelling to see the wildflowers is definitely a must-do experience for any visitor to (or resident of) the Western Cape!

The flowers signal the upcoming arrival of spring. South African National Parks recently announced that the West Coast Flower Season officially opens now, in the second week of August 2021! This year’s good rains in the Western Cape are set to make for a truly spectacular flower-viewing season! It's definitely time to get excited and start planning your flower viewing trip! To make it even easier to do, we have put together a handy guide on flower season in the Western Cape; including when to go, where to go and the best way to plan a flower-viewing trip.

Flower-viewing trip

Here is dk villas quick guide to the wildflower season:

When to see the flowers:

Wildflower season takes place annually between August and September. Keep in mind that exact dates may vary as this is mother nature after all! The flower season depends on the year’s rainfall. On average, the best time to see the flowers is between mid-August and mid September when the flowers usually reach their peak.

When deciding what time of day to enjoy a flower-viewing adventure, keep note that the flowers bloom under the sun. This makes avoiding cloudy, overcast days a good idea. The flowers are at their best when the sun is high in the sky; in general, it’s best to aim for anytime between 10.30am and 3.30pm.

This time of year is also a lovely time to visit Cape Town and surrounds as the first hints of spring are in the air but the city is still in its quiet season.

When to see the flowers

Where to see the flowers:

The big question! There are a number of fantastic spots to enjoy flower-viewing.

Postberg in the West Coast National Park is one of the most popular wildflower-viewing destinations in the Cape! The Postberg section of the park is open from 1 August - 30 September specifically for flower viewing. It is open from 9am - 5pm daily (slightly different to the West Coast National Park’s normal opening hours). West Coast National Park entrance details: For a South African adult (with ID) R94 per person, child R47. SADC adult (with passport) R144, child R72. International visitors adult R210, child R105.

Other great spots include Blaauwberg Nature Reserve where you can see the flowers and enjoy views of two World Heritage Sites - Table Mountain and Robben Island. The Darling Renosterveld Reserve, Paternoster and the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve are also great flower-viewing options.

Where to see the flowers

There are several events that take place across the west coast at this time of year including the Darling Wildflower Show which takes place in the third weekend of September (unfortunately 2021’s event has been cancelled due to Covid 19) and boasts wildflower exhibitions and colourful markets! The Hopefield Fynbos Show, taking place at the end of August, is a large community event dedicated to promoting the conservation of the area's fynbos diversity zones.

Another excellent series of events to discover is the Bergrivier Flower Affair. Enjoy the rugged scenery of the Bergrivier area which is about a two hours drive from Cape Town. From long stretches of white sandy beaches and quaint seaside villages, to wheatfields, fynbos and mountain peaks. At this time of year you’ll also be treated to views of the flowers and festivities in towns like Goedverwacht, Aurora and Redelinghuys!


What is the best way to plan a trip to see the wildflowers?

You can enjoy the flower season in a number of ways. Make it a longer trip and stay somewhere on the West Coast for a few nights, attend an event or make it a day trip if you are based in Cape Town and don’t have much time. Take your pick of what works best for you - pun intended!

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Now you should be set to have a blooming wonderful time! Get ready to enjoy the untamed beauty of the wildflowers. Use these tips to plan your trip to see the stunning flower scenery at one of the incredible spots along the west coast.