“After Lockdown” Adventure Series, Part 1
Discover the joy of living again through these exhilarating outdoor activities!

After Lockdown

We might still be several months away from really getting out and exploring our country the way we did before lockdown but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for, and getting excited about all the awesome things you can do in a post-COVID-19 world. In this three-part article series, we’ll explore all the exhilarating ways you can discover the joy of living again (and who you should contact to make it happen)!



There can hardly be a more sure-fire way of getting your heart hammering and blood roaring than by hurling yourself out of a plane flying at 9,000 feet above the ground. Complement the adrenalin rush with spectacular bird’s eye views of the Cape—her farmlands, vineyards, mountains, and embracing oceans—and you’ve got an unforgettable experience you will rave about for months and years to follow!

To arrange your skydiving adventure in Cape Town, contact any of the three reputable and experienced companies below….

Skydive Cape Town

Where: A 35-minute drive north along the R27 (West Coast road)
Website: www.skydivecapetown.co.za
Email: bookings@skydivecapetown.co.za
Telephone/ WhatsApp: +27 82 800 6290

Mother City Skydiving

Where: Diepkloof Airfield, off the N7 Highway, 14 km north of Malmesbury, just past the Annex Kloof Padstal.
Website: www.mothercityskydiving.co.za
Email: info@mothercityskydiving.co.za
Telephone: +27 79 337 2443

Skydive Africa (Two Oceans drop zone)

Where: in the heart of the Cape Winelands, at Diemerskraal Airfield, just outside the scenic town of Wellington.
Website: www.skydiveafrica.co.za
Email: info@skydiveafrica.co.za
Telephone: +27 82 707 8107

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

The Cape is embraced to the east, south, and west by glittering oceans and a rich, diverse marine ecosystem just waiting to be explored. Sea kayaking is an adventure that opens your eyes to the beauty of the region from the perspective of the water, as well as the birds, mammals, and sea life that thrive above, on, and beneath its surface. It’s also a great workout for those arms!

To arrange your kayaking adventure in Cape Town, contact any of the two reputable and experienced companies below….

Kaskazi Kayaks and Adventures

Where: 179 Beach Road, at the Shell service station, Mouille Point, Cape Town
Website: www.kaskazi.activitar.com
Email: info@kayak.co.za
Telephone: +2783 346 1146

Kayak Cape Town

Where: 1 Wharf Street, Simon’s Town, a 45 – 60-minute drive from Cape Town.
Website: www.kayakadventures.capetown
Email: info@kayakadventures.capetown
Telephone: +2782 497 8797

Segway touring

Segway touring

Exploring on the back of a Segway is a thrilling, four-dimensional way to experience the Cape’s nature and wine farms. Segways are two-wheeled motorized personal vehicles consisting of a platform for the feet mounted above an axle and an upright post surmounted by handles. They are controlled by the way the rider distributes their weight, which is something that can be learned and even mastered in as little as a few minutes.

Once you do get the hang of it, let the fun begin!

Here are two reputable companies that offer Segway adventure tours in Cape Town….

Spier Segway Vineyard Tours

Where: Spier Wine Farm, R310 Lynedoch Road, Stellenbosch
Website: www.segwaytours.co.za
Email: spier@segwaytours.co.za
Telephone: +27 21 809 1157 or +27 74 142 2307

Taylor-Made Adventures

Where: 3 Heathfield Way, De Wijnlanden Estate, Stellenbosch
Website: www.taylormadeadventures.co.za
Email: rory@taylormadeadventures.co.za
Telephone: +27 82 903 8660

Mountain biking

Mountain biking

The Cape’s vast abundance of natural landscapes is crisscrossed with mountain biking trails that allow adventurers to explore her thick forests, lush valleys, fynbos-carpeted mountains, and world-famous winelands on the back of a mountain bike. If you don’t own one, there are a ton of companies that rent them out and even offer guided tours with added perks like winetasting and lunch!

To arrange your mountain biking adventure in Cape Town, contact any of the three reputable and experienced companies below….

Cape Mountain Biking Tours

Website: www.cape-town-mountain-biking-tours.com
Email: info@capemountainbikingtours.com
Telephone: +2721 447 9240 / +2782 490 5879

Awol Tours

Where: The ClockTower, Dock Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Website: www.awoltours.co.za
Email: info@awoltours.co.za
Telephone: +2783 234 6428 / +2762 349 9025

iRide Africa

Where: 8 Richmond Road, Mowbray, Cape Town
Website: www.irideafrica.com
Email: info@irideafrica.com
Telephone: +2774 512 1306 / +2783 457 5662

For the more serious mountain bikers, there are lots of forums and communities, such as Western Cape Mountain Bike, you can refer to for route information and advice.



Cape Town is a world-famous destination for surfing and for good reason! Embraced on three sides by open ocean and with so many beaches to launch from, there is no shortage of challenges for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers. Here’s a look at some of the beaches we recommend for surfers of the various skill levels…

Three beaches great for beginners
  1. Muizenberg, False Bay: Perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. Also boasts a vibey beachfront littered with surf schools and surf shops, and there are lifeguards and shark spotters on duty.
  2. Big Bay, Blouberg: Also a great spot for novice surfers with its user-friendly waves, vibey beachfront, and lifeguards. Big Bay does, however, offer a bit more swell and power than False Bay.
  3. Witsands Corner, Misty Cliffs: Perched on the west-facing flank of the Cape Peninsula, Witsands Corneroffers beginners and intermediate surfers big wavesto practice their skills on. Just be careful of the rip currents here.
Three Beaches great for intermediate surfers
  1. Kalk Bay, Cape Town: Kalk Bay isn’t onlyone of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world (according to Forbes); it’s also home to an epic surfing beach, both in summer and in winter.
  2. Bloubergstrand, Cape Town: Boasting iconic views of Table Mountain from across the bay, Bloubergstrand offers sugary white sand beaches, and miles and miles of surf for beginner and intermediate surfers.It is also one of the best and most exciting kiting hotspots in the country.
  3. Llandudno, Cape Town: This tiny sweep of soft, white sand is tucked into the peninsula right before Hout Bay, and offers gentle wavesand gorgeous views. Be warned, however:Llandudno’s big, hollow-barrelled wavescan make it treacherous so only experienced, intermediate surfers are advised to surf here.
Three beaches for the clinically insane
  1. Dungeons, Hout Bay: Dungeons is home to monstrous waves (up to 60-ft!), making it one of the most extreme surfing beaches in the country, featuring waves in the same league as Waimea(Hawaii) and Mavericks (California).
  2. Crayfish Factory, Kommetjie: Home to some of the heaviest and most exhilarating surfs, this iconic Cape Town surfing hotspot is a dream for extreme surfers in search of their next challenge.
  3. Dunes, Noordhoek: Located close the beautiful beachfront town of Noordhoek, a 30-minute walk along the beach, you’ll findDunes, which gets pumping when there is a good south-easterly wind blowing. Here, you can expect powerful, heavy,6 to 8-foot waves that provide world-class tubes.

To arrange surfing lessons, contact any of the two reputable and experienced companies below….

Surf Emporium

Where: 66 Beach Road, Surfers Corner, Muizenberg Beachfront
Website: www.surfemporium.co.za
Email: info@surfemporium.co.za
Telephone: +27 21 788 8687 or +2782 562 8687

Surf Big Bay

Where: 143 Big Bay Beach Club, Otto Du Plessis Drive, Big Bay
Website: www.capetownsurflessons.co.za
Email: info@surfbigbay.co.za
Telephone: +2771 425 5470

Stay tuned for part 2….

Next week, we’ll be diving right back into another bevvy of thrilling outdoor adventures that are just as popular with locals as they are with visitors to the Cape. What better way is there to stretch your legs and feel alive again after so long in lock-down than with a little adrenalin rush?