Top reasons to take a workcation in 2022

Work is a reality of everyday life. Whether you work in a traditional office set up, from home or enjoy a hybrid setup, it can be easy to slip into the repetitiveness and predictability of the working week. Many of us might become stuck in a rut or feel constrained by the rigidity of an office environment. This kind of setup can lead to burnout and boredom! So, what can we do to avoid it? One word - workcation!

Workcations are the best way to stay refreshed and inspired while enjoy travel and fulfilling your work obligations. Below, we share the top reasons to take a workcation in 2022. Plus, we share one of the top places to enjoy a workcation!

Remote Work

First of all, what is a workcation?

It’s all in the name! A workcation is a combination of ‘work’ and ‘vacation’. It’s a vacation that allows you to work remotely while including elements of leisure, fun and relaxation that come along with a traditional holiday. Workcation’s are short getaways where people work and travel, as opposed to people considered digital nomads who work and travel for months or years at a time.

On a workcation, you get to take a break from the usual, predictive places of work. You’ll still complete your tasks and agreed upon work hours. However, while on a workcation, you get to inject your working days with the excitement and vacation vibes of being in a new location! If you have the flexibility to work remotely, the beauty of a workcation is that you get to choose the travel destination of your workcation and spend a short period of time in an exciting place! All you need is a reliable connection to the internet and you’re good to go!

There are a number of advantages to embracing a change in surroundings on a workcation.
From increased productivity and a reduction in stress, it’s tough to find reasons not to take a workcation if you are able!

Work Remotely

Here are 7 reasons to enjoy a workcation:

1. Productivity

A change in scenery can help people feel refreshed and motivated which in turn leads to improved productivity. A monotonous daily life can lead to exhaustion and apathy which in turn reduces productivity. On a workcation, the added excitement motivates many people to be more productive!

Some people may worry that being away from their regular working space setup may reduce productivity due to distractions. However, discipline is important on a workcation! Be committed to putting in your necessary work hours and then be ready to switch off and enjoy your surroundings afterwards!

2. Performance & Positivity

Similar to the way that a workcation can improve productivity, a change in scenery that travel brings can truly enhance your performance at work along with your feelings of positivity. A new setting adds excitement to your day. The prospect of getting out and exploring before or after your working time is a huge motivator.

A workcation can reinvigorate you with a new sense of energy and purpose. This in turn can improve your performance at work - and you’ll get to enjoy the added boost of positivity to all facets of your day!


3. Better work-life balance

While it may initially feel counterproductive to work on holiday - a workcation is actually a balance between the two. You get to focus during your work hours and fully embrace vacation mode outside of those hours! Many of us can be tempted to check an email or complete a task outside of specified hours. However, with discipline in keeping your working hours, and dedication to switching off outside of those hours, you get to achieve an excellent work-life balance during your workcation!

4. Optimise working hours

As mentioned above, discipline is an important part of a workcation. Deciding on times for your working hours and sticking to those hours is vital. It will help you ensure tasks are completed (so you are actually working on your workcation!) and ensure that you maximise your enjoyment of your free time to explore your chosen destination!

Working vacation

5. Reduce burnout

Work-life routines with no breaks can cause chronic stress ultimately leading us to burnout. No one can operate at full capacity without periods of rest and rejuvenation. However, another problem is that many people may worry about falling behind on tasks or missing deadlines. That’s why a workcation is such a great solution! You get to fit in your work hours while enjoying the benefits of a vacation such as travel and exploration. Just be sure to prioritise the rest and rejuvenation aspects of your vacation time. Switching off is important!

By embracing the thrill of a new destination and new experiences, you’re sure to feel reinvigorated and inspired!

6. Reduce daily stress

Day-to-day work routines can come with a significant amount of stress. Whether it’s the stress of a commute, office politics or household chores, these stressors can build up over time and wear down our energy and spirit. This makes getting away from everyday routine highly important! Take a break from the norm and visit a new and exciting place! You’ll avoid the stress of missing out on work while reducing the stress that comes with work.


7. Freedom and flexibility

The sense of freedom and flexibility that comes with a workcation is priceless! This point can be taken as a combination of all of the above. Enjoy the flexibility to travel and work in an exciting destination while enjoying the freedom to explore and the freedom from the routines of everyday life. Bask in the benefits of feeling re-energised and inspired! Better yet, you get to take this positivity back into everyday life.

Where to enjoy a workcation:

When deciding on a destination for a workcation, you need to choose a place with adequate infrastructure for work and great activities to keep you entertained outside of work hours.

We can highly recommend Cape Town and its surroundings for a workcation! The beautiful natural scenery, the incredible accommodation options (complete with great internet access) and the exciting variety of activities available make it a great option for all kinds of travellers - both local and foreign! Whether you’re a foodie, wine lover, outdoor adventurer, culture connoisseur or simply want to kick back and relax, Cape Town is the place to be.

Cape Town

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